Baby, You’re 7 Months Old!

Baby, you’re 7 months old! Your cheeky personality is definitely shining through for everyone to see. You are into absolutely everything and even though you’re not quite crawling yet, you still manage to shuffle and roll your way around the living room on the hunt for mischief. Oh, and your hair is growing a treat!

Here are some of the milestones we have hit this month:

Sitting up

sitting up, baby development, 7 months old


You’ve mastered sitting up on your own! It’s as if we just blinked and suddenly realised we weren’t holding you up anymore. All that rolling practice in the night must have worked wonders for your abs – so strong! All these new skills, it’s probably time we start baby-proofing the house ready for your adventures!

First Halloween

first halloween, pumpkin picking, fancy dress

So as skeletons go you weren’t that scary, but that’s okay! You loved helping us pick out our pumpkins from the most important seat on the farm – seriously, is there anything cuter than a baby in a wheelbarrow?! Just a shame you are still too little for sweets as Mummy and Daddy had to eat them all to themselves.. maybe next year ey!

First Bonfire Night

bonfire night, 5th november, fireworks

Bonfire night! A last minute decision, we managed to find a display that wasn’t too late for you. You were so mesmerised by the big bonfire and the lights of the fair – we didn’t think those brown eyes could get any bigger but they did. We kept all warm and cosy snuggled up together and look – Daddy even managed to get some good pictures! You were a bit startled when the fireworks started but you were very brave and despite being ti-ti we managed to stay to see most of it.

What else has happened this month?

  • We finally seem to be seeing the back of your reflux problems – yay!
  • You no longer stay still during nappy changes so the changing table is a no-go – it’s now a two man job just to get you to keep still – never mind the ‘weaning explosions’.


  • The pooch – the feeling is unfortunately not mutual.. You have even started a new scrunchy smile just for Joey – you’ll be best friends one day baby!
  • FOOD – so far you’ll eat anything! ‘Mashed narny’ is a current fave..
  • Theme tunes – any programme, any tune. You will literally stop whatever you’re doing just to stare at the TV.

Not so much..

  • Wearing a hat – it’s a battle..
  • Missing a nap – if we step half an hour out of routine you will KICK OFF


18lbs 1oz


7 months old, baby boy, scrunchy face, cheeky face

Love you little monkey xxx

A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama


A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama

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