Christmas Photo Session

Our Christmas photo session with Fox Cub Photography

Last week we teamed up with local newborn and baby photographer Jess of ‘Fox Cub Photography‘ for an exciting project! Some of you may be still getting to grips with the fact we’re already in Autumn, but if you’re anything like me the big ‘C’ word won’t be far from your mind – Christmas , duh.  Jess had been on the lookout for local Mummy bloggers to collaborate with for her Christmas campaign and after connecting on Instagram and seeing some of her amazing work to date, I jumped at the chance!

Fox Cub Photography

Behind the camera

Jess started her Worcestershire based business in January after spending 5 years as a Primary School teacher, so naturally she is great with little ones! She has set up her own studio within her Worcester home, complete with a great range of props to suit your fancy! Take a look at some of her work over on Facebook.

Personal experience

I hadn’t done anything like this before (for myself or with JJ) so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Jess hand delivered a welcome pack which included all the information on how to prepare for the day and ensure you get the most out of your booking. I thought this was a really lovely touch! We then arranged a suitable time and date to fit around our daily routine (if there is such a thing), so we agreed on a time where JJ would hopefully be fed and napped (I know as a new Mum this ‘golden’ time may be hard to plan for – but Jess was really flexible, even on the day!) With JJ being 5 months old and not yet sitting up, Jess took this into consideration when planning and creating her own props for our shoot.

Fox Cub Welcome Pack

On the day

With JJ being a reflux baby – sick is pretty much inevitable! I knew I’d need to keep his Christmas jumper safe and under wraps until we were ready to start the shoot, which sods law was the exact time he’d been saving the sick for – perfect! Luckily (I guess) it went all over Mama and the jumper was safe, phew! I was so impressed with the props, so much care had gone into every last detail (although JJ wasn’t happy with the positioning of the baubles so he thought he’d lend a helping hand..) We even had Christmas tunes playing!

Christmas Baubles

“Where are your smiles?!”

For the seemingly happiest baby in the world, JJ was surprisingly poker faced in front of a camera! We pulled all the funny faces, tried all the toys, I bounced up and down behind the camera – NOPE! Oh, please don’t make Mama sing! You can’t really anticipate your baby’s mood beforehand, so the session is very baby led. Jess was great at interacting with him and reading his cues, and we tried a few different positions so he didn’t get too frustrated being in one place too long. He does pull some amazing faces!

Poker Face - Christmas Shoot

The finished shots

We received our edits through a week later and I love them! They would be perfect for Christmas cards as well as an adorable memory of JJ’s first Christmas. I would definitely recommend Fox Cub Photography for any occasion to capture those precious moments with your little ones. Just head over to their website / facebook page to find a package that suits you.

All that Christmas spirit and I somehow managed to resist the urge to watch Elf when I got home – I suppose I should wait until Halloween has passed first!

JJ smiles - Christmas shoot


Disclaimer: We received a free photoshoot with digital images in return for an honest blog post and promotional support.

A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama


A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama

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  1. Donna says:

    Sooo cute! Mine are 2 and 6 now, I feel I’ve missed my chance for cute Christmas pics!

  2. This looks so cute! I want to do one with my baby too now!

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