Family Days Out – The Sea Life Centre

So last week marked the beginning of the summer holidays and Daddy’s 6 weeks off with us – yay! Not only did this mean it was finally time to start sharing the night feeds (cue Jacob actually starting to sleep right through) but it was also time to plan some fun family days out. We needed to run some errands in Birmingham anyway so decided this would be a perfect excuse for JJ’s first visit to the Sea Life Centre. To be honest, this is something we would have done as a couple in the pre-baby days anyway (although somewhat a distant memory now). We’d be the ones practically kicking people’s pushchairs out the way to get the best view of the penguins at feeding time (we’re clearly big kids at heart) so we were quite glad to finally look the part with our own little boy at this famous family attraction!

Luckily kids under 3 get in for free and after a bit of googling we’d discovered that Cadbury’s were currently offering 2 for 1 on adult tickets on the back of their packets (chocolate is never far away in our house – shout out to our naughty ‘cheat weekend’ cravings!)

Everyone has always commented on how alert Jacob is, he’s never really seemed like a newborn at all. AT 3.5 months old, he loves being out in the pushchair taking in the world around him with those big brown eyes! We made sure he was all ‘milkied out’ before heading in and took turns carrying him to make sure he didn’t miss out on anything (and to get some good pics!)

Well, he bloody loved it! It was a bit like a baby sensory class with his eyes tracking  all the fish, mouth wide open in awe most of the time. Thankfully it wasn’t too busy either, perfect!

I couldn’t get enough of his little face all lit up (emotional mama moment). The jellyfish were a particular hit – he didn’t know what to do with himself, throwing his little arms and legs around!

We didn’t think JJ would stay awake the whole way round, but he just couldn’t get enough. It probably took about an hour altogether for us to make our way round, which was plenty with him being so little. It’s good to know that as he grows up there’s plenty for him to learn about, as well as the feeding sessions and 4D cinema – any excuse for a return visit!

Ok, so maybe not everything was a hit….

We couldn’t leave without a little memento – Jacob picked this one himself (it’s got even bigger eyes than him). He was chatting non stop to him on our way home – looks like we have a new favourite!


What are your favourite places to visit / days out with your little ones? Feel free to share below 🙂

A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama


A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama

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  1. Such a lovely early experience for Jacob – we’re big fans of The Deep in Hull (and we visited before as well as with children too!).

  2. Our kids love aquariums too – the one in Bristol is a favourite, as is the London one – got to love a glass floor!

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