YogaBellies – Mum and Baby Yoga Class Review

After reaching the end of my first block of Mum and Baby yoga classes, I thought I’d write a review of my YogaBellies experience for any other Mamas out there thinking about giving it a go.

When JJ was about 8 weeks old and I was finally ready to start getting out and about, I posted a message on the local Mamas Facebook group asking for recommendations on Mum and Baby classes in the area. In return, I received lots of positive comments about Polly at YogaBellies. I’d enjoyed practising Yoga at home throughout my pregnancy so it was something I was keen to continue with.  Polly provided me with all the information I needed and a few weeks later, sent a message to let me know a space had opened up in one of her classes.

Rebuilding strength after pregnancy

I had been struggling with abdominal separation following pregnancy, not to mention the aches and pains that come with lugging a car seat in and out of the car, carrying little one round most of the day and just generally spending most of my days staring down at him in awe! Admittedly, I had also been massively neglecting my pelvic floor – sorry future me! These were all key focuses of the classes –  to rebuild core strength and take time out from the stresses of being a new Mama.

Everything is provided

Everything you will need during the session is provided for you – yoga mats, blankets, cushions, even toys for baby.  What I love is the fact classes last around an hour, sometimes up to two if you fancy staying for a cuppa and a good natter at the end! It’s so much more relaxing having that extra flexibility, seriously, is it even possible to arrive anywhere on time with a baby?! Feeding or changing your baby if needed during the session is the norm as well, it’s very much baby-led. It’s such a lovely calming environment and so easy to jump back into the sequence if you miss anything.

What does a typical session look like?

A typical session will start with some relaxation, practising breathing techniques and some gentle stretches. The first half of the session tends to focus on yoga moves for Mama, where Polly will demonstrate moves with varying levels of difficulty depending on your experience. It’s always important to listen to your body and not push yourself too far, as your ligaments may still be extra stretchy from pregnancy! Your baby can either be lay down on the mat in front of you, sat on your lap or even incorporated into some of the moves (if you’re feeling strong enough that is!) Polly always encourages interaction with your baby, as it’s a great bonding experience for the both of you.

The second half is all about baby! I must admit, I did wonder what was in store when I first heard about baby yoga – my baby is already a pro at getting his feet in his mouth! You will learn a range of baby massage techniques, which can be really beneficial to add to the bedtime routine at home to help calm and soothe your baby before they go to sleep. It’s great for any digestion issues as well and can even help with colic. JJ suffers from mild reflux, so we’ve used some of the techniques a number of times to help alleviate some of the symptoms and release trapped wind. There are also songs that go hand in hand with some of the moves!

Ending on a high

If for any reason you’re not feeling relaxed enough by the end of the session, it definitely ends on a high. Polly makes everyone a cuppa and very often brings in homemade treats, what a star! JJ is usually asleep by this point – baby massage really does work like magic! This is a great time to get to know some new Mamas – I’ve met some lovely ladies already during my first block of sessions, and we’ve all signed up to do more!

We really look forward to our Mum and Baby Yoga classes each week!


Click here to find Polly on Facebook and enquire about classes.

Namaste x

A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama


A parenting & lifestyle blogger documenting my journey as a first time Mama

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  1. Helen Little says:

    Hi Sophie, I’ve nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award to let you know I’m really enjoying your blog on my journey as a newbie blogger! Read my acceptance post and learn how to accept your nomination at: Many thanks!
    Helen at Natural Beauty with Baby

  2. Rhi says:

    Sounds like a lovely class to do. It’s nice to meet other parents at the same time. Hope you enjoy your next sessions too.

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